Memo on the Memorare

Today the Church celebrates the Solemnity of the Annunciation: when the Archangel Gabriel spoke with Mary, when God proposed to the Queen… (Luke 1: 26-38)

My favorite icon of this cosmic event is painted by Henry Ossawa Tanner (it also heavily inspired my writing of Little Miss Lucifer’s first chapter).

Henry Ossawa Tanner's "Annunciation"

But may I also present, on this solemnity (which overrules Lent! That’s right, we may feast today!), the newest Holy Smack Holy Card made possible by artist Cecilia Lawrence’s faith, talents, and generosity:

[Our Lady of Perpetual Help]

The Memorare

[The Memorare — I pray it every day!]

Funny story: after I stumbled upon Cecilia’s DeviantArt site, and after contacting her for the privilege and permission to present her work on a Memorare prayer card, I found out that her very own brother lives, studies and discerns the priesthood in the same seminary as myself! What a small Catholic world it is! So please, pray for her, her brother, and all of us here who are offering to God our talents. Thank you and Happy Feasting!


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