Hello! If you are a HT — or training to become one — here are resources you may have heard me reference during my lessons at camp. Just click here regardless of the camp you attended and voila! All camp materials you ever heard me mention at all camps I’ve been at are compiled into one area, for your convenience. If I forgot something, let me know.

And for more resources on Catholic apologetics and evangelization

Need to brush up on some Praise & Worship / Spirit Crew moves? Try this: Dancing at Dusk

Dancing HT



2 responses to “TNTT

  1. Hi Evan I remembered your website and it looks great! I found something really cool. I believe it’s real, but a saint named saint innocence died and her body was out inside a glass box. Someone was videotaping and caught her opening her eyes.

    • Hi Jacob! Thanks for visiting and I hope you’ve been well. I appreciate the link and it was too shaky for me to see anything clearly, but miracles do happen! Anyway, God bless you and your family!

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