Little Miss Lucifer

Reflections [and revelations] on my first novel. Feel free to send questions you would like explained!

The Secrets of the Legend

[WARNING: what follows is an interview that reveals the details and depths of Little Miss Lucifer: The Legend of the Exorcess. SPOILER ALERT.]

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3 responses to “Little Miss Lucifer

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  2. Is it inherently bad or wrong to feel pity for satan? I understand it may be shocking and appealing to hear that but I cannot help but feel as though if given the chance there would be an attempt to repent. Even if this isn’t true and he would never repent, he is a victim of himself just as we are victims of him. As ludicrous as it sounds, the mere mention of paradise lost had me wondering about this before I got a chance to read it. I hope you can provide some insight as to why or why we shouldn’t as well as an explanation, as no one I’ve discussed this with has been able to provide a suitable answer.

    Thank you.

    • Thanks for your comment, I too have thought deeply about the concern (and have tried to express it in the novel “Little Miss Lucifer”).
      However, I’ve come to see that sympathy for Satan and the other demons is like having sympathy for a deliberate rapist and child abuser, who has refused to turn away from harming others, and actually seeks to do it all the more.
      Theologically and philosophically, Satan cannot repent, but not because he lacks the ability, but because he refuses the humility (Christ hints so much in Mt 12:31) . Before betraying and rejecting God and Heaven, Satan was given all the reasons why his sin would be absurd to commit, his powerful intellect allowed him to see the doom that would befall his treason. Yet, he decided to reject love and mercy anyway. This is different for us mortals because our awareness of sin’s ramifications is limited, and so we can repent when we discover the misery of sin. But Satan knew its full miseries and chose it anyway. He knew it was irrevocable, but said “to hell with it” anyway (pun intended).
      I hope that helps. My advice would be to focus sympathy and empathy for those who remain open to repentance, such as us and other sinners, knowing that we too will approach the moment of judgment when we will choose irrevocably who we want to remain with forever.
      May God bless you!

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