About Holy Smack

NameTagOn the Feast of the Assumption in 2013, Evan started his Holy Smack blog for one reason: to answer people’s questions about his priestly discernment in seminary. And if you’re not sure what seminary is, check here.

However, Holy Smack quickly became a place to answer other questions, specifically about the Church, the Faith, the Traditions, and the Teachings of Catholic Christianity. Soon, Evan even started designing, producing and distributing holy cards featuring classic prayers and sacred artwork and icons, which you can browse in the Holy Card Archive. Yet, that was not enough, for soon an entire Meme Museum was filled with exhibits to showcase!

As two years passed, Evan discerned clearly and closely with the seminary and the Holy Spirit that God was calling him to a different vocation: holy matrimony (God-willing!). And as five years passed, Evan has also earned his Masters in Theology at the very same seminary, and now uses it to teach theology at a Catholic high school (please pray for his students–and for him!).

And today, Evan would just like to remind himself, and his readers, that “if not for God, I would have nothing worth sharing or saying at all. Please pray for me, that the Lord humbles me always, that I always remember that He is King and I am nothing.”

Lastly, when pressed sufficiently, Evan will dance-along to his youth group’s favorite praise-and-worship songs:

And feel free to leave me a message!



About the Blog Title:

So why “Holy Smack”? Simple – because sometimes we need the Holy Spirit to SMACK us in the Faith! And when that happens, we call that being HOLY SMACKED.redhand3mini3.png

*The opinions and ideas presented on this website are exclusively Evan Pham’s and do not necessarily represent the high school he teaches at, nor Sacred Heart Major Seminary, nor the Archdiocese of Detroit.


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