Latin Chantin’

Is Chant Still a Thing?Welcome Beloved Latin Students (and any eavesdroppers),

Made this page just for you! Here you’ll find all the chants we’re learning for our Thursday Masses (and any extra chants, just because they’re worth a listen). Remember you can easily pace the chant faster or slower. Feel free to experiment with different speeds as you start memorizing the words and melody.

These are the Simplex Chants (and the Latin Ordinary Handout you can print for use):





And if you’re in the mood for a challenge, here’s the AVE MARIA:

In the mood for super Lenten Latin chantin? Check out these favorites of mine for an intense Lent (with some polyphony mixed in).

But don’t stop there! Check out this collection of Latin prayers. I go here whenever I need to look up a prayer that I want to learn or say in Latin.

And see here if you need a reminder why you should take your Latin studies a bit more seriously.

Canto Gregoriano


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