Yet Another Meme for the Queen

[In honor of Yuna's Silver Medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics! Pray on - pray on, Miss Kim!]

[In honor of Yuna’s Silver Medal at the 2014 Sochi Olympics, may I present yet another meme for the Queen! Pray on – pray on, Miss Kim! I see that Rosary-ring!]

Follow up on my past Yuna Kim posts: Yuna Kim Taught Me How To Pray, The Forbidden Christian, A Meme for the Queen, Another Meme for the Queen, and my interview about her on CNA!


A Meme for the Queen

A Meme for the Queen

[Just thought I’d commemorate Queen Yuna’s 2010 Olympic victory. If you look closely at her right index finger, you’ll notice her rosary ring!* Remember, she takes to the Sochi ice on February 19th & 20th! Read my previous two posts about Yuna here and here, and my interview on CNA!]

*A Rosary ring is a miniature version of the Rosary necklace. It is used to help Christians pray and meditate on the Life of Christ as seen through Mother Mary’s point of view and guidance. I wear mine all the time when I go out. Worth noting is that most Rosary rings are very cheap and modest… it’s not a fashion statement. Mine cost 75 cents!

Rosary Ring