Samurai Saint Michael

My friends! Allow me to introduce to you four of the mighty archangels in full samurai armored glory:

Mr. Daniel Mitsui's depiction of Revelation 12 in the Traditional Japanese style.

Mr. Daniel Mitsui’s depiction of Revelation 12 in the Traditional Japanese style.

If that piques your interest, then please visit the artist’s page and support him with encouragement, prayers, and then some if you are able! I admire Mr. Mitsui’s diligence to detail, his faithfulness to the Church, and his contribution of beauty into the world. So please, give his site some of your time and enjoy his galleries and his blog!

And don’t forget why Mr. Mitsui even inked this wonderful work of art! Pray to Saint Michael, ask him to guard us from evil, to free us to choose Jesus always.


Repeat after each and every Mass.


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