Injection Rejection

The purpose of this post is not to discuss any vaccine in particular, but to provide information to those who intend to reject a vaccination, and how the Catholic Church actually reaffirms such noncompliance. Being that a certain vaccine is very popular these days, and with many Catholic clergy encouraging and even attempting to impose vaccination, it’s a matter of clarity and charity to emphasize that “practical reason makes evident that vaccination is not, as a rule, a moral obligation and that, therefore, it must be voluntary”, despite what priests and pope may say.

Those who want to provide explanation for why they voluntarily reject the injection can find these items and documents helpful:

  1. The Roman Catholic Church’s Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith reiterates the voluntary nature that vaccination must entail, among other reasons why a vaccine may be rejected in good faith (see here for a letter used successfully to exempt oneself at a Catholic university from vaccination, citing this Church document).
  2. The National Catholic Bioethics Center provides here a template for any Catholic’s pastor to sign on a parishioner’s behalf, explaining why their parishioner is exempting him or herself from vaccination. Different from the letter above, this letter also argues therapeutic proportionality, which is an assessment of whether the benefits of a medical intervention outweigh the undesirable side-effects and burdens in light of the integral good of the person, including spiritual, psychological, and bodily goods. The judgment of therapeutic proportionality must be made by the person who is the potential recipient of the intervention, not by public health authorities or by other individuals who might judge differently in their own situations.
  3. The Christ Medicus Foundation here explains further why vaccination mandates (and by extension, any imposed, compelled, or coerced invasive medical interventions) are immoral and violate human rights: Coercing or pressuring people to receive a COVID-19 vaccination as a condition to maintain employment, as a condition of travel, as a condition for obtaining an education, or for any reason whatsoever is a grave violation of the fundamental human, civil, and religious right to act according to one’s conscience in receiving or refusing medical interventions.
  4. The Colorado Catholic Bishops Conference provides this letter template also for wide use, echoing the points made above, but also reminding that the free-exercise clause of the U.S. Constitution’s First Amendment requires state accommodation of individuals who object to vaccinations on religious grounds.
  5. The Thomas More Society offers some excellent advice from a legal standpoint, to help defend your religious rights and beliefs, and also help take your fight to the courts if violations continue.
  6. The good Bishop Athanasius Schneider here offers a letter (signed by him, and affirmed by legal counsel) for use as an exemption declaration to whomever it may concern, or the letter serves as an ideal template for one to use in writing his/her own letter.
  7. If the above was too much for you to read (stop being lazy!), then a video interview:
  8. And a very well though-out and explanatory presentation:
  9. My former moral theology professor weighs in (see her article here):
  10. As more resources are proven useful, this post will be updated.

May Jesus, the Divine Doctor, heal us from the true diseases of sin, evil, and eternal death.

Mark 5: 21-43