Slaves at the Superbowl

SlaveTwo teams went to the Superbowl this year. One team was excited to be there, came from near and far to have a good time, and left with wild memories of conquest and domination.

The other team was forced to be there, trafficked from near and far into a Colosseum, and left in pieces after use, rape and molestation. This team could only hope to forget every memory.

I am not talking about the Seahawks and the Broncos.

Unlike the Superbowl, this match-up happens everyday.

I am talking about this:

Don’t let them be part of the slave-trade. Children and women deserve better.

Don’t let them keep the slave-trade going. Men are meant to defend.

Don’t be part of the slave-trade. You can help.

Don’t be ignorant, find out more here.

AntiTrafficking Hotline