Choosing the Chosen

review-the-chosen-1Blessings this Holy Week!

During this quarantine, it’s a great time to do something you should have done by now: read the Bible. All of it. It’s definitely my personal goal.

But if you’ve never read the Holy Gospels (or even if you have!), you should definitely watch this series depicting how our Lord calls His first followers. Never has there been a film focused on portraying His apostles and disciples, their backstories, and their relationship with Jesus and one another. I have found this series very refreshing and humanizing, of course with much artistic liberties taken by the filmmaker (appropriately, I think). Yet, “The Chosen” has also helped me see how profound Jesus’ impact was to those around Him, and how the New Testament fulfills the Old Testament’s hopes and longings (and my hopes and longings, too).

Before I end up writing too much, I’ll let you start watching Season One. It speaks for itself (note: each linked episode here includes commentary before and after the feature. I skipped most of the beginning commentary for your convenience, but feel free to view the director’s talks if you wish.):

Episode One:

Episode Two:

Episode Three:

Episode Four:

Episode Five (my favorite of the season):

Episode Six:

Episode Seven:

Episode Eight:


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