Frozen Favorites

Frozen So a few weeks back I was finally cornered into watching Frozen (yes, I was sitting in the corner of the living room). Then, I was on a transcontinental flight and guess what was the in-flight movie?

Yes – twas none other than Frozen. Again.

So I obviously noticed a few things (and for those of you who have not yet seen the film, consider this your SPOILER WARNING!!!)…

1. Rushing into marriage is crazy… a crazy mistake! Imagine what the fallout could’ve been if not for Elsa’s refusal to bless their union, and if not for Kristoff’s intervention and advice. Anna could’ve found herself in even deeper domestic abuse and violence (for herself and the Kingdom!). That’s why the dating and courting process exists – to let the man and woman really know what they’re getting into, and who this stranger is before pledging their life and love in marriage. By the way, “Kristoff” is the same name as “Christopher” (which is a name with strong Christian meanings, as you can see on this cognates list.)

2. Let it go… let it go… and you’ll hurt so many! Including those who love you (I mean, Anna got shot in the heart!). Be yourself, yes. Be not ashamed with your talents, yes. But don’t be reckless! Be responsible with your abilities and personalities. We all know what Uncle Ben told Peter, right? And so… the cold never bothered her anyway… but it got a lot of people sick!

3. Finally… yes, an act of true love must save the day! Anna must be swept away by a kiss so romantic that her heart is healed and the eternal winter is melted! Except… this does not happen. Instead… agapic love was the saving act! (I know… I know… aga-wha?) Agape is one of the four types of love, and is the highest type of love. We have philia, which is a friendly, brotherly and sisterly love. We have eros, which is romantic love and a love for beauty, and we have storge, which is  familial affection. So the message of Anna’s act is not only storge, but is agapic in that she sacrifices herself for the good of another. Agape is charitable and self-sacrificial: wanting and seeking the best for another person even if it hurts you, even if it kills you. This is the love that saves the day, that saved all days. (IMPORTANT: Romantic love without sacrifice is not love at all but mere infatuation. All the other three loves must mature to include or inspire agape, or else they fall short.)


So in the end, I thought Frozen was a nice little treat. All it was missing was a cherry on top. Sorry, but carrots just don’t go very well – confection-wise.




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